Chapter 1: God With Us

January 15, 2007

Last year I read the Bible. This year I have decided to read the Desire of Ages. It’s more than a goal to read a book. I want to be in Christ. The Bible is heavy with accumulation of this theme. Everything that we are not and hope to be has it’s fulfillment in Christ. There is just something about being “in” and to experience this is to know the mysteries of conversion.

I would love to have company and dialog. So if you are looking to be in Christ this year, you should join me. 5 chapters a week; you may pick up with me any week; any chapter. It’s never to late to participate.

This week:

God With Us

The Chosen People
The Fullness of Time
Unto You a Saviour
The Dedication

It might also be nice to start a separate blog just for this dialog. I’ve been wanting to try WordPress, so this might be the perfect opportunity. I’ll let you know.

Quote of the Day: God With Us.

“In Christ we become more closely united to God than if we had never fallen.”

Now doesn’t that make your socks roll up and down?


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