Chapter 2: The Chosen People

January 15, 2007

“He desired them to be as wells of salvation to the world.” DA21

It’s a sad chapter about me. Adventists pioneers Spirited upon beautiful and unique truths–by which many have taken to feeling “chosen” above other believers in Christ. And so we have cloistered ourselves away from other believers (the jews had this problem too). What then is to be said about God choosing people, while knowing that we are apt to become spoiled; needing the spankings of exile.

I wonder a great deal about God’s forknowledge and control. What does this chapter teach? Maybe that despite being suckers for ourselves, God still chooses people. And who dosn’t want to be chosen? God won’t suffer that His love be held back.

“But the Isrealites fixed their hopes on worldly greatness.” DA21

Is the energy I expend aligned with where my hopes are fixed? The great delusion of a wordly dominion contiues to have its root in modern Christian hearts. It’s not about Islam vs. Christians is it? Or claiming the USA for Christ. God save us with discipline, so that we may later see that we are loved!


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