Week 2

January 21, 2007

I’ve very much enjoyed blogging the Desire of Ages this week. We had three snow days, which afforded extra time, but Calculus sections will have to be mashed into coming weeks, which will be killer.

Feedback on the blog is always fun, but I would most love each of my friends in Christ to be blessed as much as I have in route to a better connection with Jesus. One of the goals is to rope you in to reading also, and if you desire, writing with me. If ideas are planted for how this could best serve the goal of knowing Jesus and what it means to be in Him, please let me know.

The chapters for this week:

We Have Seen His Star
As A Child
The Passover Visit
Days of Conflict
The Voice in the Wilderness.




One Response to “Week 2”

  1. Renee said

    Cousin, I have a suggestion that I’m very serious about. Perhaps you’ve already thought of it. If so, keep thinking. My suggestion is that you write a book. You have the stuff to do it–the writing ability, good fodder, ideas people need to think about. You also have poetry.

    Have you ever thought about this?

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