Chapter 6: We Have Seen His Star

January 23, 2007

Just like the Jews, the philosophers who followed the star of Jesus expected royalty. Riding into Jerusalem, they highly expected the new born king to be the main event and story on every tongue. They expected to add their royal gifts to already royal treatment from his own people, but no one seemed to know that Jesus had been born.

“Beneath the lowly guise of Jesus, they recognized the presence of Divinity. They gave their hearts to Him as their Saviour, and then poured out their gifts–‘gold, frankincense, and myrrh.’ What a faith was theirs!” DA53.

Not every wise man can recalibrate wisdom after expectations have been downgraded. These men traveled beyond esoteric philosophical thought, and recognized a God who could be born poor. Might they have felt foolish knocking at the door to the low place where Mary and Joseph were camped in Bethlehem, and at what point did their humility win over pride when they considered the riches they carried? Though upright men, they were pagan men likely believing in many gods, and yet here we see them giving their hearts to Jesus, and their gifts to a poor seemingly uninfluential family.

Do you want mature faith like the Magi demonstrated? How does one find such faith? I think there are clues.

“As these magi studied the starry heavens, … they beheld the glory of the Creator. Seeking clearer knowledge, they turned to the Hebrew Scriptures. …In the Old Testament the Saviour’s advent was more clearly revealed.” DA49

“The travelers beguiled the hours by repeating traditional sayings and prophetic utterances concerning the One they sought. At every pause for rest they searched the prophecies; and the conviction deepened that they were divinely guided.” DA50

Faith and the word of God have always been inextricably linked. Truly, “Man does not live on bread alone.” Neither does his faith.


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