Chapter 8: The Passover Visit

January 27, 2007

Pragmatism and Poor Parenting

I have realized more clearly this year that God is quite the pragmatist. What ever means are in keeping with his Character (which is more complex that we at first thought), and gets the job done, is what He will use for the salvation of men.

So here we have Jesus, partially feigning innocence to teach men who are too proud to listen. Of course, it’s the only way that would have worked at the time, and even then they were too proud to follow after the Holy Spirit’s pull on their hearts.

“The words of Jesus had moved their hearts as they had never before been moved by words from human lips. God was seeking to give light to those leaders in Israel, and He used the only means by which they could be reached. In their pride they would have scorned to admit that they could receive instruction from anyone. … They flattered themselves that they were teaching him.” DA70.

Few people, who write about Jesus, say what might have happened if…. (significant happenings here).  It’s one of many marvels when I read Ellen White–this attitude that human freedom changes history and effects the work of God in the world.  Here’s one:

“If followed, the lines of truth He pointed out would have worked a reformation in the religion of the day. A deep interest in spiritual things would have been awakened; and when Jesus began His ministry, many would have been prepared to recieve Him.” DA70.

At the end of this chapter, there are some blunt statments about Mary and Joseph’s parenting. This is a bid deal, especially considering how persausivly Catholics believe that Mary was sinless and divine. Even amoung protestant groups, I have never heard Mary or Joseph censured, but Ellen White’s comments show that they were human, erring, and in need of Jesus as much as I need Him. At some points they fell, and Jesus still turned out all right.  (Comments based on pp. 72-74).


4 Responses to “Chapter 8: The Passover Visit”

  1. Steve said

    The part describing how Joseph and Mary “lost sight of Jesus” (P.71) hits home with me. In all the “pleasure…with friends and acquaintances” I have lost sight of Jesus. Church has become a social setting – a weekly catch up with an hour of being “refreshed and comforted by the word of God” (P.74) when all the time I should have been seeking to be refreshed and comforted by “the Word”.
    It is amazing how much of a difference it has already made just spending time in reading one chapter of DA! By choosing to see Him and learn about Him I guess I’m choosing not not let Him out of my sight.

  2. Jan said

    Hi Steve,

    What I am doing, as I read the DA, is to journal everything I see about who God is. It is amazing how doing that brings a comfort to me; a peace that truly does boggle the imagination. It is just too easy to get caught up in life; however, the end result is an angst that only He can heal. So glad you are reading with us!

    Have a good Sabbath…our daughter is due to have her second baby at any minute; so we are on pins and needles here in Chelan.


  3. wallygoots said

    Happy Sabbath!

    Shockingly, I still lose site of Jesus too easily, despite how sorely I’ve needed Him in these trials these past two years.

    As surprising is how refreshing just a little time in the Word can be, like you said Steve. Even thinking about Jesus makes a difference. Did you notice how often Ellen refers to Jesus meditating? He seemed to focus His thoughts on spiritual things continually–something as a society we are not good at because of our external stimulation.

    But truly, “man does not live on bread only, but by the very words of God.” –Jesus when tempted.

  4. Renee said

    My brother-in-law has just turned me on to the treasure of Frank Laubach, “Letters from a Modern Mystic”. This man is another Brother Lawrence type, who made it his goal to practice the thought of God every minute of the day (what he calls, The Game of Minutes). I have been reading his letters, and have been greatly impacted just in the reading. I don’t have a link to the PDF version of the book Chad forwarded to me, but you might have him send it to you. I think you’d all love it.

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