Chapter 14: “We Have Found the Messias”

February 4, 2007

By Jan Ellis

Some chapters read comfortably; the story is familiar and the “lessons”, although rich in meaning, are well known. However, other chapters beg for further reflection and study. This chapter is one of those. There were two thoughts that caught my interest; areas that I need to take some time absorbing as the chapters progress.

The first is how effective John’s call to repentance was. Phrases like “popular enthusiasm” and “the demand for confession of sin seemed new and startling.” as well as the description of the people coming, and the rulers staying away for fear that they too might confess!

“Many among the leaders would not go for fear they would disclose the secrets of their own lives.” DA128

I think we are afraid of repentance; because we still have a hard time believing that God truly loves us. Somehow John was able to communicate the love of God in such a way that people felt ‘safe’ in their repentance.

“The word of God, spoken by one who is himself sanctified through it, has a life-giving power that makes it attractive to the hearers, and convicts them that it is a living reality.” DA136.

I am intrigued with this whole subject of repentance, I am trying to understand what true Biblical repentance is; and I am going to do a word study in my Bible on the subject. It fascinates me that people flocked to John to hear that they were sinners! That tells me a lot about who God is; and what true repentance is really like.

The second thought is the seemingly new concept of the “lamb of God.”

“The words thrilled the hearts of the disciples. They did not fully understand them. What meant the name that John had given Him,–‘the Lamb of God’? John himself had not explained it.” DA133

I thought the main purpose of the sacrificial service in Old Testament times was to point to the Lamb of God? How could this concept by new to them? You see John studying the prophecies, searching for a deeper understanding (p. 131). Yet, before I point a finger, I must ask myself: ‘what am I missing of what Jesus wants me to understand because of my preconceived notions?

That is what I see this forum as being; an opportunity to “Behold the Lamb of God!” When I read the description on pg. 132 of what Jesus was like–“expressions of unutterable love, gentle, and unassuming”–I bow at His feet willingly repenting for the sins that I keep clinging too which separate me from such Love.


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