Chapter 15: At The Marriage Feast

February 5, 2007

Possible subtitles for this chapter:

Even the best mothers worry.

Jesus votes “Yes” on the traditional institution of marriage.

Jesus and male chauvinism.

An apologetic argument against Maryology.

But my preferred subtitle is:

God’s wine is better than you think.

“Neither the ruler of the feast nor the guests generally were aware that the supply of wine had failed. Upon tasting that which the servants brought, the ruler found it superior to any he had ever before drunk, and very different from that served at the beginning of the feast.” DA143

Apparently, this miracle has deep symbolic meaning. But I have to wonder if Jesus thought (in the moment) about all the meanings we are extracting. My brain cautions about reading into Scripture more than is there–and I don’t feel qualified to add to the thoughts of Christ. But this may well be a time to allow my heart to instruct my mind, because whether or not Jesus consciously attached to His actions symbols standing for great spiritual truths, I know that He is God. Thus, his actions naturally demonstrate spiritual truths that have been built into the universe of Love. Consider that every action of Christ builds on forces of timeless inexhaustable meaning that is the character of God.

And so we have this wine that is better than the rest. Curious. But spiritually, this is just Jesus. Every gift he gives is better than the rest.

“As men set forth the best wine first, then afterward that which is worse, so does the world with its gifts. That which it offers may please the eye and fascinate the senses, but it proves to be unsatisfying. … But the gifts of Jesus are ever fresh and new. The feast that He provides for the soul never fails to give satisfaction and joy.” DA143

From the well which gushes the water of life comes the wine of life. These metaphors refer to the converted life, for no other heart even understand spiritual things until it has been born again. The pearl is costly, but it is a gift to those who become the true Bride of Christ. (Figure that one out). Can any person truly know how good the wine of Christ tastes until he has tasted it?

Marriage is better wine if it comes from Christ. Sex as God designed is thirst quenching. Selflessness is God’s great gift to a healthy self.  Even the witness that Christ causes in us is better wine than the witnessing we at one time tried to force within the kingdom of men. There is no hangover with the wine of Christ. It is not an escape, neither does it numb the forces of reason. It does thrill the senses. While the wine of man dwarfs the mind and narrows the orbit of our lives (p. 145), God’s wine expands our hearts forever. Here is how Ellen White puts it:

“Their hearts, refreshed by the dews of divine grace, open and expand to the Sun of Righteousness. the light that shines upon them they reflect upon others in works that are luminous with the love of Christ.” DA148


One Response to “Chapter 15: At The Marriage Feast”

  1. Carla said

    It is odd to see how people today gravitate toward alcohol as an escape from reality. I look forward to the ultimate escape from sin and that only can come through Jesus Christ. I need to keep my mind unclouded so that I can learn of Him more so that escape is possible.

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