Week 4

February 5, 2007

Thank you for your prayers for Marty and his family this week. His family will continue to need those prayers, so especially those of you who know Debbie, Amanda, and Alex, please remember them this week.

I also have a need for divine help in finding a roommate. It would help me afford life while in school, and we’ve already been praying about this.

Of course, thank you for praying to know and understand Jesus better. I’m very pleased that my mother wrote for Ch. 14, and I invite anyone who finds a specific chapter inspiring to claim it as your own and write up the devotional for the day. Just let me know: wallygoots@yahoo.com

Here are a couple guidelines for writing:

A. It can be approached in many ways. I look for a theme, relevance, or special challenges balanced by encouragement. I pick quotes that my heart naturally wonders about and my mind develops. Pertinent questions is one way of developing interest.

B. Formatting is easy. Block paragraph style as opposed to indenting. Quotes are in bold and should reflect the original text and be set off with quotation marks. A reference should follow each quote. I generally use a DA### citation after the quote. And spell check is your friend.

C. Less is more. Some chapters have so much, that it is hard to choose what to highlight. I want to give a representation, not assuming the readers of this blog have read the chapter. But, everything can’t be covered so it’s best to pick one or two topics to focus on, and make the words count. I also try to trim out words that aren’t necessary.

This week:

In His Temple
“He Must Increase”
At Jacob’s Well
“Except You See Signs and Wonders”
Have a great week.



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