Chapter 19: At Jacob’s Well

February 9, 2007

I like to challenge myself, and so I will challenge you in the same way.

“Everywhere men are unsatisfied.”

Are you satisfied?

“They long for something to supply the need of the soul.”

What have you tried recently (even subconsciously) to satisfy your need?

“Only One can meet that want.”

Can He really meet your specific need? More importantly, does He want to?

“The need of the world, “The Desire of All Nations,” is Christ. DA181

What do you think the United Nations thinks about this? Are you willing trade your own desires for one Desire? If you answer these questions and realized any need for something more you are thirsty and in a good place. Honestly, I plead to be satisfied by Jesus. I have been drinking, and I must say, it’s very good. It’s a strong drink, and I will not despise His discipline because I need it. But just as Ellen White describes:

“He who tastes of the love of Christ will continually long for more: but he seeks for nothing else.” DA181

I’ve found the one think that is satisfying, and I can tell you that I start to dry and crack when I’m forgetting to fill my heart with the Word of God–He truly is the water of life, and He thirsts for us too. I have prayed many times in a way that I might convince God to love me. Have you ever tried to convince Him of His desire to forgive and bless? I’m guilty of this fault. Why might I ever think that God does not desire what is best for me? Well, we must answer the question of pain and sorrow in the world if we are ever to trust a God who loves so much as not to bribe us with comfort and prosperity. And if you think, well what about the glories of heaven? Isn’t that a bribe? But Jesus is the jewel of heaven, and if it’s about the gold, you’ll not be happy there. Still, if you have never considered God’s longing to be near you, consider this.

“Our Redeemer thirsts for recognition. He hungers for the sympanty and love of those whom He has purchased with His own blood. He longs with inexpressible desire that they should come to Him and have life. As the mother watches for the smile of recognition from her little child, which tells of the dawning of intelligence, so does Christ watch for the expression of grateful love, which shows that spiritual life is begun in the soul.” DA185

Drink with me.


3 Responses to “Chapter 19: At Jacob’s Well”

  1. Carla said

    Am I satisfied? No, I am not. Have I tried recently to satify my need? Yes and than I felt the Lord communicating to me that the way I was trying to satisfy my need is not how he wants to satisfy it. Quite honestly the dream I had disturbed me because it is so opposite of what I believed would be the best for me.

    I know He will satisfy my need because He has promised He will. In his time. With his ways. I need to stand by the commitment I made to Him to wait for Him and not jump ahead, again. I have seen, oh several times before, how not waiting for Him caused me more pain. I believe He wants to satisfy my need and will do so in a way only He can think up. I must recommit my thought life to Him so that I can be ready for the way He will satisfy my needs.

    Drinking from the Word of God gives me power to commit to Him. And this week the more I read, the more I felt Satan was trying to attack me for doing so. Satan doesn’t want me to believe that God will satisfy my need and is doing all in his power to distract me.

  2. Jan said

    Today in church: Pastor Sova made a point that I will always remember. He was talking about how to have the living water; a text based in this story. I expected him to give the usual ‘list’ of things to do..he simply said: “Don’t quench the spirit”. (2 Thess). Wow. Of course I’ve read those words..but it hit me today with such power, I won’t forget it. I pray for everyone reading this that those words will emblaze themselves on your mind too..and that when you feel the spirit’s prompting; you will recognize them and respond.

    The description of this woman at the well..despised by so many even of her own kind; ( and weren’t those disciples racist) made me fall to my knees; Jesus’ love knows no barriers.

    On a personal note, my daughter who delivered our second grandchild 10 days ago is in bed with a fever and mastitis. We are thankful for the antibiotics she was prescribed, and know she will get over this soon; but it’s not very enjoyable for her.

    Have a good week..

  3. Renee said

    (Jan, you got to hear Pastor Sova preach?? Is he their pastor? Oh, I am envious.)

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