Chapter 24: “Is Not This the Carpenter’s Son?”

February 19, 2007

By Jan Ellis

Emotions can’t be trusted!

“As their hearts were moved upon by the Holy Spirit they responded with fervent amens and praises to the Lord.” DA236

“They now scorned the faith with which Jesus had at first inspired them.” DA238

“Now that their prejudices were offended, they were ready to commit murder.” DA239

Imagine that! Within a very short time; you see them physically grabbing Jesus, pushing him around, shouting and swearing and throwing rocks at Him. Mary must have been beside herself as she surely followed the crowd. Did His brothers follow suit? Did they join in the shouting?

I looked for clues as to how this dramatic change could have taken place. Was it because He had claimed to be the Messiah? Or was it because He had compared them to a Gentile, and called a Gentile more worthy? What are your thoughts on that subject?

For whatever reason, their angry hearts tried to kill someone who had been their friend. It makes me sad to read that toward the end of his ministry, Jesus again visited Nazareth and even though “they were moved by the Divine Spirit, they would not admit that this Man was greater than themselves.” DA240 In the end, it really doesn’t matter the reason why we are angry, what matters is that we will respond to the wooing of the spirit and give God our anger and our misconceptions. “Don’t Quench the Spirit.” That is advice they should have followed, and that is what I am determined to do today, how about you?


2 Responses to “Chapter 24: “Is Not This the Carpenter’s Son?””

  1. Carla said

    It is a very sad chapter really. The part that really struck me was this: “Our standing before God depends, not upon the amount of light we have received, but upon the use we make of what we have.” DA 239 Those that were in his home town had the light. They had studied the scriptures and they were moved by Jesus’ reading of the scriptures. But they let another spirit, Satan, have control and they did not make use of what they had known to recognize what really was before them. I want to follow the light I know so that my heart will be open to the greater light God will put in my path.

  2. wallygoots said

    I imagine that Jesus knew these people well because He likely grew up with many of them. They didn’t afford that someone they knew could assume a new mission in life. I wonder if we don’t allow God leaway to change the people we know the best?

    I agree that I want to continue looking up, and allowing God to develop my faith. He wills that I am never distracted, but in reality, our pull toward the light is never consistant and God deals very patiently with weak humans. I am again reminded that aquiring light, as in aquiring forgivness has a lot to do with dependancy rather than growing stronger.

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