Chapter 29: The Sabbath

March 4, 2007

“God designed that its observance should designate them as His worshipers. It was to be a token of their separation from idolatry, and their connection with the true God. But in order to keep the Sabbath holy, men must themselves be holy. Through faith they must become partakers of the righteousness of Christ.” DA289.

Spiritual things are incomprehensible to man’s natural mind.  But who of us have thought that the Sabbath applies to this rule? We may sense that there is more to an idea then our mind can wrap around, but that a man cannot even keep the Sabbath without being made holy himself is a staggering realization.

This means I may break the Sabbath even with the most careful observation. I feel a bit trapped because I certainly don’t feel holy, and it’s easier to regulate behavior than to die to self. Surely this is a hard teaching, but I am strongly suspecting that it is quite right. It would make sense why I have been so challenged to figure out what it means that God made the Sabbath holy. Understanding this is wrapped up in my continued conversion, and so every scrap of knowledge about the Sabbath as it stands in history, the present, and future is confined to my own change. This is also exciting because I know that the Sabbath will grow beyond my knowledge of the facts of God’s law even as His law is written on my heart. I wish He would just put it too me as per my request. I wish my brain could fit more Calculus each day. I wish I were not so impatient!

Then the Sabbath is a sign of Christ’s power to make us holy. And it is given to all whom Christ makes holy. As a sign of His sanctifying power, the Sabbath is given to all who through Christ become a part of the Israel of God.” DA294

I am excited to receive the Sabbath, and so glad that holiness is possible–not as the pharisees taught–but as God gives through rebirth of a heart after His own heart. Truly Jesus died for our sins and lived for our holiness. May we rest in that reality daily and not forget the memorial of creation and re-creation every week on Sabbath. I trust that this Word can become flesh again in me.


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