Chapter 33: Who Are My Brethren?

March 21, 2007

“The Pharisees to whom Jesus spoke this warning did not themselves believe the charge they brought against Him. There was not one of those dignitaries but had felt drawn toward the Savior.”  DA334

This and the resulting paragraph blew me away. The Bible revealed at time the thoughts of the Pharisees, but at times of condemnation and loathing. Many of conviction was trampled down by pride to arrive at such levels of murderous hatred. It seems now that it was the work involved in climbing over conviction that doubt became so exercised and pride so muscled.

“Men are influenced by their own words. Often under a momentary impulse, prompted by Satan, they give utterance to jealousy or evil surmising, expressing that which they do not really believe; but the expression reacts on the thoughts.” DA335

I have made focused statements concerning the lack of power of man’s words, but it is only compared with God’s word which sustains worlds and creates these same worlds by a word only. It seems that we tend to act on the words which perch in our ear, even if we speak them ourselves. Even man’s word has some power to change minds and behaviors (otherwise I would not teach).

At what point did the Pharisees fall? “Light comes to the soul through God’s word, through His servants, or by the direct agency of His Spirit; but when one ray of light is disregarded, there is a partial benumbing of the spiritual perceptions, and the second revealing of light is less clearly discerned. So the darkness increases, until it is night in the soul.” DA335

Filtering this statement through my knowledge of God, it is not as if one rejection of a divine hint will plunge your soul into darkness and doom. Some might insinuate that this is the meaning of this quote. Nonsense! The Pharisees fell upon a million counts, many of them taking concerted efforts to scramble over conviction. That is to say that even small decisions can lead to long rejections. The power of human freedom is respected by God more than life itself, and this is precisely why God desires so strongly that we would be free from sin. Satan designs to rob us from free will by bondage to sin. It is only living in Christ that free will available. Maybe that is why there is no half way with God.

“Those who accept Christ as their personal Saviour are not left as orphans, to bear the trials of life alone. … Christ loves the heavenly beings that surround His throne; but what shall account for the great love wherewith He has loved us? We cannot understand it, but we can know it true in our own experience.” DA339

It’s not for lack of words, but lack of capacity to express joy that a description of God’s love alludes us. Thankfully, though we may not be able to describe His love, we can sail through scenes of love and take these sight into our hearts. If you are not experiencing of God’s love, I urge you to come back around. Look for it in His word and the world around you.


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