Chapter 36: The Touch of Faith

April 2, 2007

Concerning the daughter of Jairus:

“Jesus approached the bedside, and taking the child’s hand in His own, He pronounced softly, in the familiar language of her home, the words, “Little girl, I say to you, arise.” 

Concerning the woman who touched his robe:

“It was not through the outward contact with Him, but through the faith which took hold on His divine power, that the cure was wrought.”

Outward physical contact between people may reflect the most divine inner synchrony. Jesus took the child’s hand and spoke life. The woman reached to touch that which her heart already had taken hold. In one case, Jesus reaches out to touch, and in the other, one reaches to touch Jesus. But touch is not the main event–it only speaks of what is possible when what is inside of one person reaches out in faith to another. If that other person happens to be God, then healing can take place.

I have thought to myself how affected I would be to see Jesus face to face, and how firmly I would believe and be changed if I might live in His presence as the disciples did. But just as the inner spirit of the woman reached for Jesus–and was different from others who touched Him carelessly–it was the inner Spirit of Jesus to which the dead girl responded. And we may still reach out to Jesus in the same way in our spirits. Religion is ineffective to touch or heal outside of a spirit reaching out in faith to the only hope of relief from sin. The touch that is life giving today is as it was then–only significant spirit to spirit between two beings who trust each other.

How one weak spirit reaches the spirit of another sinner is a mystery. How much greater is the mystery of how one weak spirit reaches the uncontainable powerful Spirit of God in heaven? Maybe we have needed the illustration of a physical touch to remind of us spiritual realities.

Where might we reach today for spiritual healing?


2 Responses to “Chapter 36: The Touch of Faith”

  1. Jan said

    Good morning,

    May we reach out and touch Jesus today; thanks for your comments Seth, they really hit home for me…I just reread the chapter “Give them something to eat” lots to think about there, and how to reach out to those who are hungry around us. Looking forward to your comments!


  2. Uncle Len said

    Seth – It occurs to me that today we celebrate what the “touch of faith” actually accomplished – a peaceful rest – a prelude to securing the gift of eternal life for Jesus and His followers.

    What what really impresses me about this act of “touching” in faiht is the epoxy concept. Bonding occurs only when two parts are mixed together. Our bonding to Christ is only evident when 1)we touch in faith and 2) we confess to the world that we have been healed by that touch. “Our confession of His faithfulness is Heaven’s chosen agency for revealing Christ to the world”.

    Now here is where I see its starting to get a little “sticky” for me. How many years have I reached out to touch Jesus or at least to claim that I have – in faith even – and then been reluctant to admit or confess to the world the cause and effect of the “touching”? I think I have some changes to make.

    Thanks for opening up the dialogue Seth.

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