Chapter 37: The First Evangelists

April 7, 2007

“The servants of Christ are not to act out the dictates of the natural heart.” DA367

My brain is a closet with hooks for hanging. How lightly hangs each hook depended on the attention required to fix it there. Many things can vary that attention, but at times hooks are hung with much determination, through tears, and even tears turned to joy. Upon the hooks hang key learnings of the same style, and when a new learning is discovered, it is added to those already giving weight to a topic.

Key learnings on conversion are hung heavily but with a question mark. I love the topic, but if the brain really is like a closet hung with hooks, what happens to these hooks when conversion occurs. Reorganization? Elimination? I’m enamored with conversion because it’s is so blasted mysterious and wonderful! How exactly are the servants of Christ not to act out the dictates of the natural heart? Is this a command or the natural outworking of the supernatural heart? Conversion is not a method. Maybe it is a reorganization of the closet? Suddenly, hooks that were minor become pillars of understanding and items hung elsewhere flock to it’s branches. And the experience that was hung in the back is seen from the entrance in splendor. It defies logic. That is what this next quote is about.

Worldly wisdom is foolishness with God. Those who rely upon it will surely err.” DA368

God logic verses man’s logic. Sift through your key learning and tell me which is God’s logic and which is man’s. I am tempted to start thinking in this direction until I realize that every militant church member receives their agenda from God. After our study of Ecclesiastes, isn’t this a picture of Solomon? He endeavored to sift through and classify wisdom. His brain was filled with many heavy hooks hanging with worldly and Godly wisdom. How is it that worldly hooks were pared away so as to see the Godly ones?

Even at this point in the story, the disciples were still so prejudice that they could not conceive that the gospel was to go to the hated world. Our closets need to be continually remodeled. I hold this as an essential truth, but also a possibility beyond my understanding. Is it even possible to evangelize without conversion?


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