Chapter 39: “You Give them Something to Eat”

April 17, 2007

Does God command us to do what we can never do? “You Give them Something to Eat” sounds like such a command, but maybe he says such things to frame our need for Him.  The chapter goes on to tell of the source of all spiritual work.

“Christ is the great center, the source of all strength. His disciples are to receive their supplies from Him.” DA388

“The word of building up the kingdom of Christ will go forward, though to all appearance it moves slowly and impossibilities seem to testify against advance. The word is of God, and He will furnish means, and will send helpers, true, earnest disciples, whose hands also will be filled with food for the starving multitude.” DA389

“It is a great mistake to trust in human wisdom or numbers in the work of God.” DA389

“If the work be of God, He Himself will provide the means for its accomplishment.” DA389

The work is God’s, but I see clearly that He waits for us to stop trying to do work that doesn’t belong to us before we can be of use. Self has no place in the kingdom of God. Is this too strong a statement? Watchman Nee taught me that we might stop working to prove how much work God can do through us. Stop giving to prove the Giver that God is.

I think this is a tough message because it seems to condone laziness? I’ve seen many who are driven to pour human effort, creativity, passion, and planning into the work of God. I say most confidently that God doesn’t want this from them or from me. At times, He gives a command so that we see our great need and learn reliance on His superior strength. We will be busy with work that bears fruit if we first are busy in dependence on Christ. The work we are called to is to know and believe Jesus. That is job enough for any human.


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