Chapter 41: The Crisis in Galilee

May 5, 2007

If we hear about a thing, me might understand it. If we see that others have realized a thing, we might see it more vividly. If we experience a thing in passing we may be a witness to it. If we live through crisis within this thing called spirituality, it might become as real as flesh.

Spirituality is a mystery. How does a Word become flesh? How does blood cleanse from sin and the body give life? This mystery had soured many. What have we to do to understand spirituality, not as knowledge, but as experience?

“Christ became one flesh with us, in order that we might become one spirit with Him. It is by virtue of this union that we are to come forth from the grave,–not merely as a manifestation of the power of Christ, but because, through faith, His life has become ours. Those who see Christ in His true character, and receive Him into the heart, have everlasting life.It is through the Spirit that Christ dwells in us; and the Spirit of God, received into the heart by faith, is the beginning of eternal life.” DA406

The significance here seems to be in the physical reality of being one in spirit with Jesus. It is so tempting to think of this as a nice thought, a good and inspired idea. But if this idea is action enough in a person that even the whole physical body is jolted out of death by it, I sense that it is more than just an intangible idea. It’s a spiritual reality that goes so far as to preserve in every way a physical future beyond death.

How real is this joint spirit with Christ? You have a spirit. Is it yours? Is it His? Is it both?

So faith is the actuator in this combined future with Christ. Faith, also a nice idea. But by God’s Word all things were spoken into existence, and by this same Word are all things sustained (Heb. 1:1-3). Perhaps, faith also is more than just a nice idea–a spiritually intangible one. Could it be that faith also is more solid an experience, then we first thought. Is it as real as flesh and blood? What does Jesus say? “Your faith has healed you?” Is there no connection between the spirit and body?


One Response to “Chapter 41: The Crisis in Galilee”

  1. Uncle Len said

    Its been almost a month now since you entered this last commentary on “crisis”.

    Has there by chance been a crisis in your world that has tabled the rich observations emitting from your mind and keyboard?

    Missing your insights,


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