Chapter 43: Barriers Broken Down

November 21, 2007

“Beneath the apparent refusal of Jesus, she saw a compassion that He could not hide.” DA423

This quote tells of the Canaanite woman who begged for crumbs of mercy. I feel apparent refusals from God at times when I pray earnestly for solutions to runaway problems. I may not even know in what direction to search for answers, but I finally look up. Can I see compassion even after apparent refusals from God? The problem which made me feel powerless continues to defy human reason and energy and our only qualification to continued the request is our need against the backdrop of His mercy. Do we then see compassion?

Jesus told Nicodemus “Unless you are born again, you can’t even see the kingdom of heaven.” What this woman saw was a character trait of Jesus that even the disciples missed. Was it because Jesus was saying what they wanted him to say, and because they were feeling like rebuking her too, that his compassion was hidden from them? They would see his compassion later. After being reborn, they too remembered this apparent rebuke and saw the kingdom of heaven unveiled.

I’ll try to remember this for next time problems overwhelm me. It seems as though the greater then need is realized, the better I may see compassion.


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