Chapter 46: He Was Transfigured

January 17, 2008

I usually try to stick with the main event, but a quote early in the chapter was curious. They are on their way up to the mountain after a long and discouraging day.

The disciples do not venture to ask Christ whither He is going, or for what purpose.” DA449

Ellen White expresses the same observation early in chapter 47.

How slow of comprehension even the three favored disciples were, is seen in the fact that notwithstanding all that Christ had said of what was before Him, they queried among themselves what the rising from the dead should mean. Yet they asked no explanation from Jesus.” DA455

Questions bubble to the surface. Should we venture to ask Christ where he is leading or his purpose? Might this betray simply faith? It’s easy to assume a false entitlement that we should know God’s plans because we are trying to do His work. At times our spiritual pride is the the only thing between us and the answers we seek, but maybe all we need to concentrate on is the work of believing in Jesus, not the details of where he is going. Jesus hints that we do not have because we do not ask, and he command us many times to ask even as much as “anything” in His name and He will do it. Blandly my own prayers have been so general at times that God could be exempt from any action on His part other than existing in time and space. We must ask because “please be with all the missionaries” prayers do not lead to the mountain top and conversations with Moses and Elijah.

I have often said that it’s not His custom to tell us His plans ahead of time. But then I remember He did tell Abram about Sodom, and the disciples were told quite bluntly of the mission leading to the cross. Prophecy is sprinkled through out scripture in such a way to reveal His plans to those who are really looking and asking. He may not detail his route into the future in the way we expect, but by not asking we reveal our “discipleness”–the same slowness to comprehend that seems to run naturally in human veins.


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