Chapter 50: Among Snares

December 22, 2010

“Truth must be received into the soul; it claims the homage of the will. If truth could be submitted to reason alone, price would be no hinderance in the way of its reception. But it is to be received through the work of grace in the heart; and its reception depends upon the renunciation of every sin that the Spirit of God reveals.” DA487

We are also among snares. I am guessing my snares are not as tough as the snares set for Jesus, but I don’t know how Satan parcels out temtation. I image that when Jesus was on earth all the resources of hell were constantly spent on him and that the rest of the world was on evil autopilot. I suppose we don’t know Satan’s temptation structure. Maybe there are simply more evil angels than people, and spreading our resources is not a problem…

Regardless, I do know that Satan sets snares and the spiritual seige against the followers of Jesus never ceases. How can we stand against it? There are some principles in this chapter that show us. 

We don’t realize how bad sin is all by itself. Sin is not dependent on God’s punishment for it’s painfull effect. Sin packs it’s own punishment. If we would see how bad sin really is we would also see more clearly that Jesus saves rather than condemns. Many have not seen this. They feel a false condemnation that is to them the pointing finger of God, and it seems that sin itself is more forgiving than He is. Though God always stands in contrast to sin, it is Satan who constantly condemns and sin itself that blunts the Spirit of truth. We forget that sin causes spiritual sickness just as surely as a fever causes the body to wilt and the mind to fog. It is no wonder that reception of truth depends the willingness of the soul to take it in and displace the sickness of sin.