Chapter 51: The Light of Life

August 10, 2011

“To all who realised their need, Christ came with infinite help.” DA510

The spirit of a now seeing blind man is contrasted with the spirit of the Pharisees in this chapter. I think it’s significant that the help of angels and the Holy Spirit in enabling the blind man to speak from out of the wealth of belief. Spiritual sight is always enabled. It was not the healing of the man’s eyes alone that gave him convincing (and condemning) logic to meet the sneering and plotting arguments of the Pharisees. Help was sent to heal the eyes of the man’s heart. Maybe it was easier for him to realise the heart need because he knew so well of the need for physical sight?

What does “infinite help” mean and is it offered based on a realisation of infinite need? I could think about this until my mind spins off my neck and still be delightfully at a loss to fully grasp the significance. I am reminded that “God’s power is made perfect in weakness” which is also a wonderful and perplexing thought. Regardless of whether it makes perfect sense or not, I do believe it and feel that our behaviour and thoughts should endeavour to flow from these wonderfully huge and seemingly contradictory truths. They only seem contradictory because of our cultural wrong headedness and the experience with our puffed up human nature. In reality, recognising need and spiritual weakness binds us to Christ and thus bound we are free to speak and act with power.

What we need in the church today is committed prayer from once blind believers who realise where their infinite needs are infinitely met. Groups of these praying people could thwart evil men and woman to an even greater extent–even to enrage the worldly powerful to such acts that would herald the second coming of Christ.


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