Jesus is my muse. I am certain that He dose not attempt to be mysterious, but that my mind–numbed by this world–is slow to understand the depth of vast unerring Love. This blog is a reading response to the person of Jesus as portayed in the Christian classic, “The Desire of Ages” by Ellen White. I desire nothing more than to be found in Christ, and I invite you to join me if you desire a closer experience with Christ. You can pick up with me at any chapter, and if you love to respond in writing, I gladly seek co-authors.

My name is Seth and I am a young teacher gaining my advanced math endorsement in Vancouver, WA.


One Response to “About”

  1. Uncle Len said

    Good morning Seth, What a neat idea you have going here. I started reading the DA through this year as well using the new edition with the NKJ scripture. Its a paperback with pages that look like parchment and more modern art. My purpose for reading this time is to identify those sections that specifically describe how Jesus lived and interacted with people. I figured that if He is to be our model for life I wanted to see what the model looks like. A very interesting journey so far. As I work my way through I’m capturing the quotes into a separate file so when I’m done I can go back and start orginizing in to categories to develop a profile of his life. – Your blogging is great – thanks for sharing and I’ll be checking in for inspiration and insight. you’re a great thinker and I’m looking forward to reading your commentaries and learning from you. Gotta run – more later. UL

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